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Get flexible access to funding. Revolving credit line with a dynamic limit, based on the value of your debtor portfolio.

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A dynamic financing solution for mid segment SMEs

Apply now and be funded in 10 days

A revolving credit line from £250,000 to £5,000,000 based on your accounts receivables. Convenient, reliable, and discrete.

Our checklist for a successful application

Finance your business with your own accounts receivables

Leverage your debtor portfolio as security for a revolving credit line.

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Debtor backed line of credit

We offer flexible funding from £250,000 to £5,000,000, using your debtor portfolio (B2B invoices). Perfect for all cash flow purposes related to your business, for example long payment periods on invoices, managing specific bills, hiring more staff, buying more equipment or inventory and many more cash flow purposes.

Dynamic credit limit

The available drawdown limit fluctuates dynamically, according to the amount of eligible receivables, and the limits we set for each debtor. An increased limit means a higher available amount to withdraw. Vice versa, a decrease in eligible receivables can result in a lower limit. In that case, the amount by which the limit has been exceeded must be covered by a personal payment. We advance up to 80% of your total approved credit amount.

Hassle free administration

We set up your credit facility by means of a silent (unperfected) assignment, without notifying your buyers. It will be automatically renewed after a standard yearly revision. In order to continue funding against your accounts receivables, we need a weekly update on your accounts receivables. This can either be done via an automated link with your accounting software, or manually in your personal online dashboard.

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Lets see if you fit our lending criteria

 Apply now and be funded in 10 days

  • Do you have a minimum turnover of at least £1million

  • Do your accounts receivables total at least £300K

  • Has your business has been actively trading for >3 years

  • Are you are registered in the UK with a UK business bank account

  • Does at least 50% of your accounts receivables comes from UK businesses

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A revolving credit line from £250,000 to £5,000,000 based on your accounts receivables.

Speak to the experts at GMS Capital Group for a Revolving Credit Facility.

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